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Save the Date January 25,2020  9am - 1pm  IBEW   LWVTV Program Planning

Registration Opens January 21

 “The Bumpy Road to Women’s Suffrage” will be offered through OLLI Feb. 11 – Mar. 6, 2020.  The class is developed and  led by LWVTV co-president Sue Sherif and Maida Buckley. In honor of the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote and LWV's 100th birthday this is a great way to learn about the women who led and traveled that road.

Meet the Legislators

LWVTV arranged opportunites for all members to meet with Alaska State Legislators prior to the opening of the legislative session on January 21. All meetings except with Rep. Wilson were at the LIO. We met Rep. Wilson at her North Pole office.


Sen. Click Bishop - Dec. 11, 1:00

Rep. Adam Wool - Dec. 16, 3:30

Rep. Grier Hopkins - Dec. 16, 4:00

Rep. Bart LeBon - Dec. 18, 11:30

Sen. John Coghill - Dec. 19, 9:00

Sen. Scott Kawasaki - Dec 19, 9:45

Rep. Tammie Wilson - Dec 19, 4:00

Hot Topics Well Attended

LWVTV partnered with the Fairbanks Branch of the American Association of University Women and the Noel Wien Public Library to host four forums in our Fall 2019 series. All the forums were held at the Noel Wien Public Library auditorium.


October 29    Judicial Selection and Retention in Alaska

Alaska’s constitution established a hybrid system for choosing and retaining judges. How well is it working? Are changes a good idea?

Judge Niesje Steinkruger, Alaska Senator John Coghill,  local attorney Bob Groseclose and Bill Gordon (Board Pres. of Justice Not Politics Alaska) provided insight into the selection and retention system as well as arguments for and against any Constitutional changes. LWVTV and AAUW member Shari George moderated.


November 5   Capped and Cut

FNSB Mayor Bryce Ward and City of Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly and Chief of Staff Mike Meeks discussed how the tax revenue cap works, and the effects of the cap and state cuts on local budgets. AAUW Program Chair, Ritchie Musick moderated.


November 12   More than a math problem

Permanent Fund history: royalties, dividends, SB26 draw rates and Alaska’s fiscal politics. Larry Persily, Alaska Rep. Tammie Wilson and Dermot Cole led this spirited discussion. LWVTV co-president and AAUW member Sue Sherif moderated.


November 19   The Census and Why It Matters to Interior Alaska

The census is a big job and a big deal. Learn how it works and why it matters to the Interior. Liz Brooks (State of Alaska Dept of Labor and Workforce Development), Alyesha Childs (FNSB Complete Count Coordinator), Jolene Malamute (TCC Complete Count Committee) and Laura White (Census) provided a history of the Census, a broad discussion of the 2020 Complete Count and its importance to the Interior. LWVTV and AAUW member Shari George moderated.

LWVTV Members attend NAACP Freedom Fund Celebration

LWVTV members Phyllis Darrah, Shari George, Mary Lee Guthrie, Jean James, Helenmarie Matesi, Sue Sherif, Ingrid Taylor and Phyllis Tugman-Alexander attended this evening event on November 2, 2019, at the Wedgewood Resort Borealis Room. "Freedom Only Knows One Direction: Forward" was the theme and well-articulated by Master of Ceremony Robert Kinnard, Pres. Bennie Colbert and the guest speaker, Pastor Johnathan Kenney. The goal of the fundraiser is to continue the promotion of the NAACP's objectives of ensuring the political, educational, social and economic equality of all citizens and to achieve equality of rights,

LWVTV Helps Out with KUAC Fall Fundraiser


LWVTV members Sandy Daunhauer, Mary Lee Guthrie, Rebecca Heaton, Sue McHenry, Rich Seifert, and Ingrid Taylor answered phones during the late October fundraiser. LWVTV provides annual support to KUAC to offer public brodcasating of the FNSB Assembly meetings. You can contribute directly to this support. Please see our Donations page.


LWVTV Supports Voting Rights at FMH and the Pioneer Home on Oct.1

Members Gayle Garrrigues,
Shari George, Ken Kokjer,
Jennifer Schmidt, Molly Sherman and Linda Witt worked with the Clerks' offices to support the voting rights of citizens at the Pioneer Home and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. 

Naturalization Ceremony

Sept. 26, 2019


Twenty-eight new citizens from sixteen countries were sworn in at the Morris Thompson Cultural Center. LWVTV members Shari George, Barbara Hompesch, Siri Tuttle, Phyllis Tugman-Alexander, Carol Ann Varner and Linda Witt were on hand to welcome the new citizens and provide the opportunity for them to register to vote. 


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) - LWVUS webinars

Diversity, equity and inclusion are central to LWV's current and future success in engaging all individuals, households, communites and policy makers in creating a more perfect democracy.


Webinars are available at LWVUS website.


Check out other League resources on DEI


Image attribution:  Equity, diversity inclusion by quinn.anya licensed under CC BY-SA-20

The FNSB Assembly Chambers were nearly at capacity on September 20 to watch and hear candidates for four local races that will be decided on Oct. 1.  Moderators Phyllis Darrah and Shari George and timers
Phyllis Tugman-Alexander and Linda Witt posed questions and kept the candidates on time. Mary Lee Guthrie,
Rebecca Heaton, Clare Hill, Helenmarie Matesi,
Jennifer Schmidt, and Sue Sherif provided all the organization and coordination for the forum. 


Special thanks to KUAC 89.9 FM for live coverage of the event! Recordings of the forum can be listened to on the KUAC and Borough websites.

~ ~ ~  Book Club ~ ~ ~ Sept 2019 - Aug 2020

Noel Wien Public Library Conference Room 10:00 AM


Sept 14 - Becoming by Michelle Obama


Oct. 12 - King of Fish by David R.  Montgomery


Nov. 12 - Fighter in Velvet Gloves by Annie Boochever with Roy Peratrovich


Dec. - No meeting


Jan. 11 - Sisters in Law by Linda Hirshman


Feb. 8 - Women's Hour by Elaine Weiss


Mar. 14 - Cod by Mark Kurlansky


April 11 -White Fragility by Robin Deangelo


May 9 - Salt by Mark Kurlansky


June 13 - Selection of titles for coming year


July 11 - Barracoon by Zora Neale Hurston


August - No meeting

LWVTV supports an FNSB Climate Change Task Force

"Copper River Delta, Alaska" by GRIDArendal is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

LWVTV co-president Sue Sherif read the following at the FNSB Assembly meeting held on July 25, 2019, in support of establishing an FNSB climate change task force. It is based on local, state and national LWV positions. The resolution passed.


July 25, 2019


Assembly Members

Fairbanks North Star Borough

907 Terminal St.

Fairbanks AK 99701


Dear Assembly Members:


The League of Women Voters of the Tanana Valley is a nonpartisan organization that has provided voter education and voter registration services in Fairbanks for 55 years.  We do not support candidates for office; but, after a process of study and consensus, we do adopt and advocate for positions on public issues.


Our position on climate science underlies the League’s strong support for Resolution 2019-29 as presented by Assembly members Sanford and Williams. Alaskans across the state are already grappling with repercussions of climatic shifts. The proposed commission and the items of focus and action outlined in lines 45–52 are both practical and specific. And the partnerships outlined in the resolution will be necessary to create a plan leading to concrete actions. 


This matter is both important and it is urgent.  While our geographic location amplifies the effects of climate change, that same location tends to temporarily isolate us from the economic transformations underway in the energy transition. Falling costs of renewables and storage and the ever more obvious costs of fossil fuel combustion are accelerating economic shifts that will affect our households, businesses and city halls.  A sober appreciation of the risks we face is the first step toward identifying and bringing into existence the many opportunities for profitability and sustainability in our local economy, municipal revenues and household budgets.


The LWVTV strongly supports the adoption of Resolution 2019-29.




Sue Sherif                               Mary Lee Guthrie

Co-Presidents, LWVTV

LWVTV Marches at Golden Days Parade  July 20, 2019

League members (some dressed as Suffragettes) marched with the Clerk's Office urging citizens to VOTE. We were also honoring the centennial of women's right to vote and League's 100th birthday.

Get out the Vote on the 4th of July

LWVTV was at Pioneer Park on the 4th of July, 2019,  to register voters, help voters change addresses and provide information on the dates and deadlines for the  2019 upcoming elections.


Thanks to Linda Witt for organizing this event once again!

Candidate Open House & How to Run for Public Office

~~~ June 29, 2019  ~~~  FNSB Assembly Chambers ~~~ 9:00 AM - Noon

 Presented by FNSB, City of Fairbanks, City of North Pole & League of Women Voters of Tanana Valley

Juneteenth Celebration - June 15, 2019

Celebrate Freedom Day from Noon - 5:00 PM.


Freedom Day commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the state of Texas.


LWVTV registered voters and answered questions about our right to vote.


Bernice Allridge Park is located at 2250 Wilson Street.



Naturalization Ceremony 

On April 26, 2019, LWVTV members Donna Dinsmore, Rebecca Heaton,Helenmarie Matesi, Sue Sherif, Phyllis Tugman-Alexander and Carol Ann Varner greeted our newest citizens and helped them register to vote.

A Conversation on Redistricting with Michael Walleri


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

6:00 PM

IBEW Multipurpose Room


About thirty members and guests gathered to learn about the purpose of redistricing and reapportionment and the history and process of redistricting in Alaska. Redistricting will follow the 2020 census and Mr. Walleri spoke on the importance of the census and census challenges in Alaska.  Prior to the "line drawing" led by a Redistricting Board, there will be a Redistricting Planning Committee that works to compile and prepare information necessary for the work, secure office space/staff and technology/software to aid in the redistricting process. Mr. Walleri talked about the difficulties facing the Board given Alaska's unevenly distributed population, cultural landscape and varied socio-economic foundations. 

Hays Reseach Poll of FNSB Residents during January 25 - 28, 2018.

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State Board Members

Judy Andree, President
(Juneau) 2020

Sue Sherif, Vice-President
(Tanana Valley) 2020

Carol Dickason, Secretary
(Anchorage) 2020

Shirley Pittz, Treasurer
(Anchorage) 2021
Pat Redmond, Past-President
(Anchorage) 2020


Hetty Barthel
(Juneau) 2020

Mary Lee Guthrie
(Tanana Valley) 2021

Diane Mathisen

(Anchorage) 2020

Marianne Mills

(Juneau) 2020

Cathleen Rolph

(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2021

Local League Presidents

Margaret McDonagh

(President, - LWV of Anchorage) 2020

Lois Pillifant
(President,  Central Kenai Peninsula League of Women Voters) 2020

Sue Sherif & Mary Lee Guthrie
(Co-Presidents, LWV of Tanana Valley) 2020

Karen Crane

(President, LWV of Juneau) 2020

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