"Know Your Borough" Quiz - 2013

1) The Fairbanks North Star Borough was incorporated as a second class general law borough on:

  1. January 3, 1959 Eisenhower declares Alaska the "49th State"
  2. March 28, 1964 Date of the Good Friday Earthquake
  3. January 1, 1964 Date of incorporation of Fairbanks North Star Borough
  4. March 24, 1989 Date of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Participants were correct 105 times Participants were incorrect 146 times

2) The Executive and Administrative Power of the Borough is vested in the :

  1. Borough Clerk
  2. Borough Manager
  3. Borough Attorney
  4. Borough Mayor

Participants were correct 239 times Participants were incorrect 21 times

3) Borough elections for Borough Assembly, Board of Education, and Borough Mayor are held:

  1. the first Tuesday of October
  2. the first Tuesday of November
  3. the First Tuesday in April
  4. whenever the mayor wants an election

Participants were correct 207 times Participants were incorrect 51 times

4) Who is one of the broadcast sponsors for the Borough Assembly Meetings on KUAC Radio ?

  1. Government Oversight Committee
  2. League of Women Voters of the Tanana Valley
  3. Wikileaks

Participants were correct 240 times Participants were incorrect 19 times

5) To serve as a member of a volunteer Board or Commission in the borough, you must:

  1. apply through the borough mayor's office
  2. live in the borough
  3. be a registered voter
  4. all of the above

Participants were correct 236 times Participants were incorect 24 times

6) Borough Assembly members, School Board members, and the Borough Mayor are elected

for a:

  1. 2 year term
  2. 3 year term
  3. 4 year term

Participants were correct 111 times Participants were incorrect 139 times

7) Are Borough Assembly and School Board Members elected at large or by precinct?

  1. at large
  2. by precinct

Participants were correct 177 times Participants were incorrect 83 times

8) Can residents of the City of Fairbanks and the City of North Pole vote in borough elections?

  1. Yes
  2. No

But- Residents of the FNSB who live outside the city limits of Fairbanks or North Pole can only vote in the Borough election and not in the Fairbanks or North Pole city elections.

Participants were correct 239 times Participants were incorrect 21 times

9) Do candidates for Borough Mayor, Borough Assembly and the Board of Education run as

political party candidates?

  1. Yes
  2. No

The Borough Mayor, Borough Assembly, and School Board are non-partisan elected


Participants were correct 207 times Participants were incorrect 51 times

10) Which Fairbanks North Star Borough Services have you used in the past year? (check all

that apply)

______School District 108 participants

______Library 211 participants

______Waste Management (transfer stations, dump) 208 participants

______Emergency Services (fire, ambulance, emergency preparedness) 56 participants

______Air Quality (air quality monitoring alerts or information, wood stove change out

program) 85 participants

______Parks and Recreation ( Soccer or Baseball fields, Swimming Pools, Big Dipper,

Tennis or Pickle Ball Courts 177 participants

______Pioneer Park, Chena Lakes Recreation Area, Birch Hill Recreation Area

208 participants

______Animal Shelter 58 participants

______Dog Park 37 participants

______South Cushman Shooting Range 57 partcipants

______Carlson Center 188 participants

State Board Members

Alex Koplin, Co-President &

(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2023

Sue Sherif, Co-President
(Tanana Valley) 2023

Marianne Mills, Vice-President
(Juneau) 2023

Sandy Garity, Secretary
(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2024

Shirley Pittz, Treasurer
(Anchorage) 2023
Judy Andree, Past-President
(Juneau) 2023


Carol Dickason

(Anchorage) 2023

Gayle Garrigues

(Tanana Valley) 2023

Shari George

(Tanana Valley) 2024

Therese Lewandowski

(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2024

Pat Redmond

(Anchorage) 2023

Cathleen Rolph

(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2023

Local League Presidents

Shirley Pittz

LWV of Anchorage 2023

Gail Knobf & Cathleen Rolph
Central Kenai Peninsula League of Women Voters 2023

Janna Miller & Sue Sherif
LWV of Tanana Valley 2023

Kirsa Hughes-Skandjis

LWV of Juneau 2023

Register to Vote

If you are a U.S. citizen and you are at least 18 years old, you can vote. In most states, before you can vote you need to register. Registration must be completed 30 days before Election Day.


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