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LWV Alaska endorses Ballot Measure 2

Ballot Measure 2 - Alaskans for Better Elections


The goals are to address transparency in campaign financing (Dark Money), an Open Primary and Ranked Choice Voting. To learn more about Ballot Measure 2 here are some resources:


Testimony to State of Alaska House Affairs Committee by proponents and opponents on June 30, 2020. Pros and cons are offered by each side as well as rebuttals.


October 9, 2020 Sightline article, "A Guide to Alaska's Ballot Measure on Election Reforms"


Webinar on Dark Money offered by Alaskans for Better Elections.The issue is the nondisclosure of large sums of money, money that continues to flow into Alaskan elections in increasing amounts, a problem for all states. It requires careful listening but it is worth the time  Paula De Lalarro is a panelist from Anchorage with much experience in APOC and talks about disclosure or nondisclosure of campaign finance funding in Alaska. Catie Kelley started working at the FEC right after Citizens United and saw a gridlocked FEC that did not provide enough guidance to the crafting of laws that demanded disclosure of the influx of money that followed Citizens United.  Jeff Clements is a panelist who wishes to advocate for an Amendment to undo Citizens United and is encouraged to see states attempting to improve finance transparency.  Jay Costa is from a group called Voters' Right to Know whose purpose is to make campaign financing transparent so that every dollar is accounted for down to the original donor rather than a shell company or patriotic-sounding organization name. Jim Rubens from N. Hampshire, a former senator, tells about an election in N.H. in which 95% of the 132 million spent came from out of state.  Jackson Blackwell moderates the discussion for ABE.


Yes on 2 for Better Elections - website of campaign to get Ballot 2 passed. There is a pretty good little video on now ranked choice voting works.

LWV Alaska Endorsement of Ballot Measure 2
ALWVAKEndorsement statement (2).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [126.0 KB]
Full text of Ballot Measure 2 19AKBE
The first 1-1/2 pages describe the goals of the initiative. The remaining pages present all the changes that would be required to state statutes so they are transparent to everyone.
Alaska_Elections_Initiative_(2020 full [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]
Sectional analysis with annotation by Gayle Garrigues
Sectional analysis of changes to statutes required if the Ballot Initiative passes is below as a pdf which you can download to read. The original analysis was provided by proponents of the initiative. LWVTV Board member and attorney, Gayle Garrigues, took on a review of that analysis and has provided annotation. Gayle's quick summary is:
1. elections, through the RCV system will result in the winner receiving 50%=1 of the votes
2. the gov and Lt gov candidates will run as teams in the primary
3. it is VERY hostile to parties
4. in some cases it adds an election, a special primary election
5. for no-party candidates the threshold of a petition with 1% of the votes case is eliminated.
Ballot Initiative 2 annotated sectional [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [334.7 KB]
Whitepaper on Ballot 2 by Vote Yes on 2 Campaign
Analysis of how this ballot initiative addresses goals of the LWV. Written by proponents of the initiative.
LWV - Whitepaper1 on Alaska Better Elect[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [252.5 KB]

Meet the Legislators

LWVTV arranged opportunites for small groups of members to meet with Alaska State Legislators prior to the opening of the legislative session on January 21. All meetings except with Rep. Wilson were at the LIO. We met Rep. Wilson at her North Pole office.


Sen. Click Bishop - Dec. 11, 1:00

Rep. Adam Wool - Dec. 16, 3:30

Rep. Grier Hopkins - Dec. 16, 4:00

Rep. Bart LeBon - Dec. 18, 11:30

Sen. John Coghill - Dec. 19, 9:00

Sen. Scott Kawasaki - Dec 19, 9:45

Rep. Tammie Wilson - Dec 19, 4:00

Fall 2019 Hot Topics Well Attended


LWVTV partnered with the Fairbanks Branch of the American Association of University Women and the Noel Wien Public Library to host four forums in our Fall 2019 series. 

October 29    Judicial Selection and Retention in Alaska

Alaska’s constitution established a hybrid system for choosing and retaining judges. How well is it working? Are changes a good idea?

Judge Niesje Steinkruger, Alaska Senator John Coghill,  local attorney Bob Groseclose and Bill Gordon (Board Pres. of Justice Not Politics Alaska) provided insight into the selection and retention system as well as arguments for and against any Constitutional changes. LWVTV and AAUW member Shari George moderated.


November 5   Capped and Cut

FNSB Mayor Bryce Ward and City of Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly and Chief of Staff Mike Meeks discussed how the tax revenue cap works, and the effects of the cap and state cuts on local budgets. AAUW Program Chair, Ritchie Musick moderated.


November 12   More than a math problem

Permanent Fund history: royalties, dividends, SB26 draw rates and Alaska’s fiscal politics. Larry Persily, Alaska Rep. Tammie Wilson and Dermot Cole led this spirited discussion. LWVTV co-president and AAUW member Sue Sherif moderated.


November 19   The Census and Why It Matters to Interior Alaska

The census is a big job and a big deal. Learn how it works and why it matters to the Interior. Liz Brooks (State of Alaska Dept of Labor and Workforce Development), Alyesha Childs (FNSB Complete Count Coordinator), Jolene Malamute (TCC Complete Count Committee) and Laura White (Census) provided a history of the Census, a broad discussion of the 2020 Complete Count and its importance to the Interior. LWVTV and AAUW member Shari George moderated.

LWVTV Members attend NAACP Freedom Fund Celebration


LWVTV members Phyllis Darrah, Shari George, Mary Lee Guthrie, Jean James, Helenmarie Matesi, Sue Sherif, Ingrid Taylor and Phyllis Tugman-Alexander attended this evening event on November 2, 2019, at the Wedgewood Resort Borealis Room. "Freedom Only Knows One Direction: Forward" was the theme and well-articulated by Master of Ceremony Robert Kinnard, Pres. Bennie Colbert and the guest speaker, Pastor Johnathan Kenney. The goal of the fundraiser was to continue the promotion of the NAACP's objectives of ensuring the political, educational, social and economic equality of all citizens and to achieve equality of rights.

LWVTV Helps Out with KUAC Fall 2019 Fundraiser


Signing on in 1962, KUAC FM was the first public radio station in Alaska. Public support is an increasingly important part of keeping KUAC on the air and the Spring and Fall fundraisers are a key component of public support campagins. LWVTV members Sandy Daunhauer, Mary Lee Guthrie, Rebecca Heaton, Sue McHenry, Rich Seifert, and Ingrid Taylor answered phones during the late October fundraiser. LWVTV provides annual support to KUAC to offer public brodcasating of the FNSB Assembly meetings. You can contribute directly to this support. Please see our Donations page.

LWVTV Supports Voting Rights at FMH and the Pioneer Home on Oct.1, 2019


Members Gayle Garrrigues, Shari George, Ken Kokjer, Jennifer Schmidt, Molly Sherman and Linda Witt worked with the Clerks' offices to support the voting rights of citizens at the Pioneer Home and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. 

Naturalization Ceremony

Sept. 26, 2019


Twenty-eight new citizens from sixteen countries were sworn in at the Morris Thompson Cultural Center. LWVTV members Shari George, Barbara Hompesch, Siri Tuttle, Phyllis Tugman-Alexander, Carol Ann Varner and Linda Witt were on hand to welcome the new citizens and provide the opportunity for them to register to vote. 

The FNSB Assembly Chambers were nearly at capacity on September 20, 2019 to watch and hear candidates for four local races that will be decided on Oct. 1.  Moderators Phyllis Darrah and Shari George and timers
Phyllis Tugman-Alexander and Linda Witt posed questions and kept the candidates on time. Mary Lee Guthrie,
Rebecca Heaton, Clare Hill, Helenmarie Matesi,
Jennifer Schmidt, and Sue Sherif provided all the organization and coordination for the forum. 


Special thanks to KUAC 89.9 FM for live coverage of the event! Recordings of the forum can be listened to on the KUAC and Borough websites.

Book Club 

Sept 14 - Becoming by Michelle Obama


Oct. 12 - King of Fish by David R.  Montgomery


Nov. 12 - Fighter in Velvet Gloves by Annie Boochever with Roy Peratrovich


Dec. - No meeting


Jan. 11 - Sisters in Law by Linda Hirshman


Feb. 8 - Women's Hour by Elaine Weiss

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Sept 2019 - Aug 2020

Mar. 14 - Cod by Mark Kurlansky


April 11 -White Fragility by Robin Deangelo  - Will be added to 2020 - 21 booklist


May 9 - Salt by Mark Kurlansky Will be added to 2020 - 21 booklist


June 13 - Titles for 2020 - 2021 will be sent to members


July 11 - Barracoon by Zora Neale Hurston 


August - No meeting

Copper River Delta, Alaska" by GRIDArendal is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

LWVTV co-president Sue Sherif read the following at the FNSB Assembly meeting held on July 25, 2019, in support of establishing an FNSB climate change task force. It is based on local, state and national LWV positions. The resolution passed.


July 25, 2019


Assembly Members

Fairbanks North Star Borough

907 Terminal St.

Fairbanks AK 99701


Dear Assembly Members:


The League of Women Voters of the Tanana Valley is a nonpartisan organization that has provided voter education and voter registration services in Fairbanks for 55 years.  We do not support candidates for office; but, after a process of study and consensus, we do adopt and advocate for positions on public issues.


Our position on climate science underlies the League’s strong support for Resolution 2019-29 as presented by Assembly members Sanford and Williams. Alaskans across the state are already grappling with repercussions of climatic shifts. The proposed commission and the items of focus and action outlined in lines 45–52 are both practical and specific. And the partnerships outlined in the resolution will be necessary to create a plan leading to concrete actions. 


This matter is both important and it is urgent.  While our geographic location amplifies the effects of climate change, that same location tends to temporarily isolate us from the economic transformations underway in the energy transition. Falling costs of renewables and storage and the ever more obvious costs of fossil fuel combustion are accelerating economic shifts that will affect our households, businesses and city halls.  A sober appreciation of the risks we face is the first step toward identifying and bringing into existence the many opportunities for profitability and sustainability in our local economy, municipal revenues and household budgets.


The LWVTV strongly supports the adoption of Resolution 2019-29.




Sue Sherif                               Mary Lee Guthrie

Co-Presidents, LWVTV

LWVTV Marches at Golden Days Parade  July 20, 2019

League members (some dressed as Suffragettes) marched with the Clerk's Office urging citizens to VOTE. We were also honoring the centennial of women's right to vote and League's 100th birthday.

Voter Registration at WEIO

July 17 - 20, 2019


LWVTV helped out at the World Eskimo Indian Olympics in Fairbanks to register voters and provide information on the 2019 elections.


 Image by Fort Wainwright Public Affairs Office is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Get out the Vote on the 4th of July


LWVTV was at Pioneer Park on the 4th of July, 2019,  to register voters, help voters change addresses and provide information on the dates and deadlines for the  2019 upcoming elections.


Thanks to Linda Witt for organizing this event once again!

Candidate Open House & How to Run for Public Office​
 June 29, 2019  ~ FNSB Assembly Chambers  9:00 AM - Noon

 Presented by FNSB, City of Fairbanks, City of North Pole & League of Women Voters of Tanana Valley

Celebrate Freedom Day - June 15, 2019
Noon - 5:00 PM ~ Bernice Allridge Park


Freedom Day commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the state of Texas.


LWVTV registered voters and answered questions about our right to vote.


Naturalization Ceremony


On April 26, 2019, LWVTV members Donna Dinsmore, Rebecca Heaton,Helenmarie Matesi, Sue Sherif, Phyllis Tugman-Alexander and Carol Ann Varner greeted our newest citizens and helped them register to vote.

A Conversation on Redistricting with Michael Walleri


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

6:00 PM

IBEW Multipurpose Room


About thirty members and guests gathered to learn about the purpose of redistricing and reapportionment and the history and process of redistricting in Alaska. Redistricting will follow the 2020 census and Mr. Walleri spoke on the importance of the census and census challenges in Alaska.  Prior to the "line drawing" led by a Redistricting Board, there will be a Redistricting Planning Committee that works to compile and prepare information necessary for the work, secure office space/staff and technology/software to aid in the redistricting process. Mr. Walleri talked about the difficulties facing the Board given Alaska's unevenly distributed population, cultural landscape and varied socio-economic foundations. 


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Opportunities on Jan. 18, 19 and 21, 2019


The King Holiday Bill was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on Nov. 2, 1983. It took until 2000 for the last state to sign a bill recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday. 

Several LWVTV members attended the Community Celebration.



In honor of Martin Luther King Jr, the Alaska  Bar Association answered legal questions for free on MLK Day (1/21/19) in communities across Alaska. These clinics were for low income Alaskans with civil legal needs that include family,  landlord-tenant, and public benefits issues. This clinic is a public service project of the Alaska Bar Association, Alaska Court System, Alaska Legal Services Corporation, and Alaska Public Media in partnership with local bar associations.

JP Jones Community Development Center
2400 Rickert St.
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

November 6, 2018 Alaska state General Election.


LWVTV members offered voting opportunities for folks at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Pioneer Home during the Alaska state election.

LWVTV assisted with voting opportunities at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and the Pioneer Home during the October 2 Municipal Election

LWVTV part of Naturalization Ceremony ~ Sept. 28, 2018


We registered 23 new citizens on Sept. 28 at the Morris Thompson Cultural Center following the always moving Naturalizaion Ceremony.


Linda Witt led our group along with Shari George, Sue McHenry and Janna Miller. Thanks to Carol Ann Varner for organizing our participation.


Municipal Candidates Forum


Elections impact every aspect of our lives, and we all need to weigh in. We are all equal at the ballot box, but only if we vote. LWVTV engages our community every year ensuring we offer information that voters need to participate in elections that determine the future of our community.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

7:00 - 9:00 PM at the

FNSB Assembly Chambers


Book Club ~ Sept. 8, 2018 - July 13, 2019

~September 8, 2018 – The Soul of America: the battle for our better angels by Jon Meacham

~October 13, 2018 – The Road to Character by David Brooks

~November 10, 2018 – The Woman Who Smashed Codes: a true story of love, spies, and the unlikely heroine who outwitted America’s enemies by Jason Fagone

~January 12, 2019 – In the Garden of Beasts: love, terror, and an American family in Hitler’s Berlin by Erik Larson

~February 9, 2019 – The Hidden Brain: how our unconscious minds elect presidents, control markets, wage wars, and save our lives by Shankar Vedantan

~March 9, 2019 – Educated: a memoir by Tara Westover

~April 13, 2019 – How to Think: a survival guide for a world at odds by Alan Jacobs

~May 11, 2019 – Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner?: a story about women and economics by Katrine Marcal

~June 8, 2019 – selection of titles for September 2019 – July 2020

~July 13, 2019 – A Cool and Lonely Courage: the untold story of sister spies in occupied France by Susan Ottaway

Primary Candidate Forum

August 17, 2018 ~~ 6:30 - 9:00 PM

FNSB Assembly Chambers


The League of Women Voters of Tanana Valley hosted a candidate forum at 6:30PM on Friday, August 17th in the FNSB Assembly Chambers for the upcoming Alaska Primary Races. Candidates from the US representative race, state house districts 1-6 and state senate seat A were represented.


For more than 50 years, local voters have looked to our League for unbiased, straightforward information about the election. Many voters rely on our forums to learn more about candidates and candidates have come to rely on our forums to get their message out to the electorate.

LWVTV was at the Tanana Valley State Fair.

August 3 - 11, 2018.

Open House ~~ Running for Local Public Office

July 7, 2018 ~~ 10am - Noon ~~ FNSB Assembly Chambers


Thinking of running for FNSB Assemby, FNSB Mayor, North Pole Assembly, North Pole Mayor, School Board, IGU Board?


LWVTV supported the Clerks from FNSB, City of Fairbanks and City of North Pole who were available to answer questions from prospective candidates. 

Juneteenth Citywide Celebration

June 16, 2018

10:00am - 7:00pm

Bernice Allridge Park

2250 Wilson St.


LWVTV registered voters and let participants know about the League's work making democracy work.


Juneteenth or Freedom Day, commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the state of Texas. Congress recognized the day through Senate Joint Resolution 11 and House Joint Resolution 56 in 1997.

LWVTV Annual Meeting - May 19, 2018


President - Rebecca Heaton

Vice President - Sue Sherif

Treasurer - Jean James

Secretary - Clare Hill

Past President - Shari George

Board of Directors

Mary Lee Guthrie

Helenmarie Matesi

Gael Murakami

Sylvia Slotnick

A Workshop on How to Run for Public Office was offered on May 16, 2018, at the Fairbanks City Council Chambers. The workshop was a collaboration with the FNSB, City of Fairbanks and City of North Pole clerks and took advantage of material created by the LWV of Juneau. LWVTV members Mary Lee Guthrie, Rebecca Heaton, Sue Sherif and Phyllis Tugman-Alexander led the charge on this event which was well-received and well-attended.

LWVAK Annual Convention ~ April 28-29, 2018

LWVAK Annual Convention ~ April 28-29, 2018

Tanana Valley members Shari George, Mary Lee Guthrie, Rebecca Heaton, Helenmarie Matesi and Phyllis Tugman-Alexander joined others from Anchorage, Juneau and the Kenai Peninsula. Members conducted League business, enjoyed an excellent presentation by the Division of Elections and  learned about climate change on the Kenai. There was also time for reconnecting with League members from across the state at a pre-convention dinner and social evening.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Walk - April 25, 2018


Several League members joined in the walk that started at Fairbanks Native Association Community Services and ended at Golden Heart Plaza. Outreach tables and community information were at the end of the walk.

March for Our Lives Alaska


A rally at Golden Heart Plaza on March 24, 2018, highlighted the theme:  How Gun Violence affects Our Marginalized Communities. A number of LWVTV members attended the March and Teach-In.

February 14, 2018

League's 98th Anniversary


“Ninety-eight years after the League’s founding, members of the League in the Tanana Valley are proud of the great progress it has made empowering voters and defending our democracy,” said Rebecca George Heaton president of the League of Women Voters of Tanana Valley “The League in Fairbanks has involved thousands of voters in electing government decision makers for our state government and in holding them accountable for their actions.”



Enjoy the complete press release prepared by our president, Rebecca George Heaton.
League of Women Voters of Tanana Valley [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [280.9 KB]

LWVTV is a Golden Heart Meeting Ambassador

Along with 28 other local groups that led events during 2017, LWVTV was honored by Explore Fairbanks as a Golden Heart Meeting Ambassador for hosting last year's LWVAK Annual Convention.  Explore Fairbanks estimates that the Convention brought in more than $10,000 to Fairbanks! Shari George and Mary Lee Guthrie were on-hand to receive the award at a reception and dinner held at Raven Landing on February 7, 2018.

Women's March January 20, 2018 Golden Heart Plaza

About 450 women, men, children and pets marched for an hour in downtown Fairbanks. It was cold and breezy but the crowd kept up their enthusiasm with clever signs, chants and camaraderie. We were treated to Native drummers and protest music from the past. This year's event focussed on continuing to inspire the momentum we've seen in the past year here in Fairbanks politically. The March was followed by a short rally at Golden Heart Plaza at which our local president, Rebecca Heaton, gave an impassioned talk urging us to address the perils to our country of gerrymandering and bolster our democracy by voting.


LWVTV and other groups gathered to educate voters and encourage them to wake up, speak up and get involved. The Hub hosted tables for local nonprofits like ours including AAUW and FAF to share our work and provide participants a place to warm up.  


Empowering Women - Experiences in Burkina Faso with Marilyn Russell and Joy Morrison

Image in Cour Royale a Tiebele by Rita Willaert (Creative Commons, Flickr)

The American Association of University Women and LWVTV hosted a public meeting on November 13, 2017 at the Noel Wien Library Audotorium. The presentation highlighted Marilyn's and Joy's immersion and work in the West African culture.

Peace Corps volunteer, Marilyn Russell, and dissertation researcher, Joy Morrison, both spent time in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Marilyn in 2013 - 15 and  Joy in 1988 - 89.  They are both feminists who focused on strengthening rights of Burkinbe women. They also focused on some family/health issues, and gender equity, Marilyn - through the US Peace Corps and Joy through the Academy of Education Development. Russell and Morrison shared their experiences in West Africa using an interactive presentation, slides, and regalia/materials.

A Public Meeting on DC Statehood - Oct. 28, 2017

Statehood by Aaron Brazell is licensed under CreativeCommons BY 2.0

Caroline Pettit gave a fascinating and informative presentation on, "DC  Statehood - Fixing the Hole in Our Democracy," at the IBEW Conference Room on October 28, 2017. Supported by a grant to LWVUS, Ms. Pettit has been visiting Alaska (Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks) providing history and progress and building a nationwide infrastructure in preparation for a positive time to push for DC statehood in Congress. Ms. Petitt and others active in this effort will be visiting many other states over the next months. Special thanks to Phyllis Tugman-Alexander for  spearheading this opportunity.



The League of Women Voters believes that citizens of the District of Columbia should be afforded the same rights of self-government and full voting representation in Congress as are all other citizens of the United States. The LWVUS supports restoration of an annual, predictable federal payment to the District to compensate for revenues denied and expenses incurred because of the federal presence.

October 3, 2017 Election Results

October 2017 Election Results
2017 Unofficial FNSB Election Results.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [311.2 KB]

FNSB Assembly Candidates Forum - Sept. 29, 2017

LWVTV hosted an FNSB Assembly candidates forum on Friday, September 29, 2017, at the FNSB Assembly Chambers. League posed questions covering borough economics, education, air quality and marijuana. A wide range of questions offered by the audience rounded out the 90-minute question-and-answer session. Each candidate was also given the opportunity to explain why citizens should vote for them.


The forum was open to the public and free. Thanks to KUAC for providing online streaming of the forum for those unable to attend in person.

School Board Candidates Forum - Sept. 26, 2017

LWVTV joined with the Young Professionals Council to present a "Get to Know Your Candidates" forum at the FNSB Assembly Chambers on September 26, 2017. Jennifer Imus, supported by LWVTV's Rebecca Heaton and Jennifer Schmidt, posed questions developed by the Young Professionals Council and League to candidates for Seats E, F and G. Questions from the audience were also put to the candidates. KUAC live streamed the forum for those not able to make it in person.


Special thanks to Jennifer Schmidt (once again), Becca Brado (Young Professionals Council) and KUAC.

Book Club \/ \/ July 2017 - July 2018

uly 8 - Abundance:  The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamondis and Steven Kotler


Aug. - No Meeting


Sept. 9 - Thanks for Being Late by Thomas Friedman


Oct. 14 - Dark Money by Jane Mayer


Nov. 11 - Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance or Strangers in Their Own Land by Arlie R. Hochschild (Reader's Choice)


Dec.- No Meeting


Jan. 13 - Molly Hootch:  I Remember When:  Growing Up in Alaska on the Kwiguk Pass of the Lower Yukon River by Molly Hootch Hymes and/or Coming into the City by Elise Patkotak (Reader's Choice)

Feb. 10 - The Fix:  How Nations Thrive in a World in Decline by Jonathan Tepperman


Mar. 10 - Viking Economics:  How the Scandinavians Got It Right and We Can Too by George Lakey


Apr. 14 - Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson


May 12 - Alaska's First Millionaire:  The Life and Times of Cap Lathrop by Elizabeth A. Tower


June 9 - Book Selection Meeting


July 14 - Elephant Company:  The Inspiring Story of an Unlikely Hero and the Animals Who Helped Him Save Lives During World War II by Vicki C. Croke

LWVTV Annual Meeting -  May 20, 2017


President - Rebecca Heaton

Vice President - Sue Sherif

Secretary - Jenifer Cameron

Treasurer - Jean James

Past-President - Shari George

Board of Directors:


Elise Alexander

Mary Lee Guthrie

Clare Hill

Helenmarie Matesi

Karen Parr

Joan Soutar


A great group of members gathered together at Raven Landing to review what the LWVTV has been doing 2016 - 2017, adopt a program and budget for the coming year and hold elections. Members were actively engaged and there were spirited discussions throughout the meeting. We were also lucky to enjoy a lively presentation by Marna Sanford (Tanana Chiefs Conference) discussing their progress, learning experiences and a look forward for the Get Out the Native Vote initiative.


Special thanks to outgoing Board members:  Donna Dinsmore, Emma Marcucci and Matthew Putnam, and, Past-President Phyllis Tugman-Alexander.


Note that Phyllis Tugman-Alexander was elected earlier this year as Vice President of the State League and Mary Lee Guthrie as a State Director; Tanana Valley is well-represented at the State LWVAK.

LWVAK Annual Convention April 22-23, 2017 in Fairbanks

Thanks to IBEW 1547 for sharing their space.


Saturday evening the convention enjoyed the traditional auction and dinner at Pike's Waterfront Lodge. We were treated to a very interesting and thought-provoking talk by Adam Tanner on his in-depth research into privacy concerns and the selling of medical data to private companies. His latest book, Our Bodies, Our Data - How Companies Make Billions Selling Our Medical Records, gives one plenty to think about.

League members from across Alaska gathered at the IBEW for the state's annual convention. The convention was opened by U.S. District Court Senior Judge Ralph Beistline. Following Judge Beistline's remarks, the convention began the formal business meeting. As part of the proceedings, League members were encouraged to participate in the March for Science. Pat Watt (Juneau League) then worked with the group in developing a How to Run for Local Office workshop based on material developed by the Juneau League in collaboration with the Juneau City Clerk's Office, the Juneau Public Libraries and the Juneau School District. LWVTV organized a panel made up of Nadine Winters offering a candidate's perspective, Linda Schandelmeier speaking on the impacts to family and Lachlan Gillespie who has been a campaign manager and legislative staffer.


Sunday the convention concluded with formal business including program adoption and elections.

Pat Pitney budget discussion hosted by League and UAF Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking (SWEET) Feb. 14, 2017

LWVTV partnered with SWEET to offer the public an opportunity to hear the latest State of Alaska budget updates from Office of Management and Budget Director Pat Pitney. Even though it was late afternoon on Valentine's Day about 85 attended the presentation and question-and-answer session held at Schaible Auditorium. Director Pitney presented facts, figures and a plea to advocate for balancing the budget. She brought the budget to "human" terms by comparing Alaska's to an average family budget.


The event also offered us the opportunity to acknowledge League's 97th birthday and remember Elizabeth Peratrovich for her courageous, unceasing efforts to eliminate discrimination and bring about equal rights in Alaska. Special thanks to UAF economics professors Sherri Wall and Chris Wright and League members Sue Sherif and Mary Lee Guthrie.

Public Domain image from

New School Finance Position Approved by LWV Alaska Board

November 21, 2016

November 8, 2016 General Election

See Alaska's official election results


League members assisted voters at the Pioneer Home and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. Shirley Gordon, Meg Green, Mary Lee Guthrie, Rebecca Heaton, Dianne Hermann, Clare Hill, Ann Swift and Phyllis Tugman-Alexander worked with the Division of Elections and staff at both facilities to ensure all were able to cast their ballots.

Tanana Chiefs Conference Candidate Mixer

TCC held a candidate mixer at Chief David Salmon Tribal Hall on November 4. Candidates from across the Borough area attended and were available for one-on-one discussions. League joined with this Get Out the Native Vote opportunity.

 Elders and Youth Conf. - Oct. 17 - 19, 2016       Alaska Federation of Natives Conference      Oct. 20 - 22, 2016

The LWVTV joined with Get Out the Native Vote supporters to register voters and provide information at the Elders and Youth Conference hosted by the First Alaskans Institute and at the Alaska Federation of Natives 50th Annual Convention. Both conferences were held at the Carlson Center.


This was a wonderful chance to meet young people and encourage them to be lifelong participants in voting. It also let us show our support for the Get Out the Native Vote project.


Thanks to Linda Witt, Jean James, Caroline Wolf, Phyllis Tugman-Alexander, Ann Swift, Karen Parr, Mary Lee Guthrie, Donna Dinsmore and Shari George.

Oct. 8 -9, 2016 - Go Winter! Expo

Will we see this temperature this winter?

We registered 63 voters at the Go Winter! Expo.


Thanks to Carol Ann Varner, Ann McCann, Caroline Wolf, Jennifer Schmidt, Rebecca George-Heaton, Phyllis Tugman-Alexander, Helenmarie Matesi and Shari George.


A big Thank You to KO Productions for providing booth space.

Alaska Municipal Election Day - Oct 4, 2016

The League hosted a local candidates forum on September 27 at the FNSB Assembly Chambers. Candidates for the Borough Assembly and School Board answered a series of questions posed by the League. Each of the propositions appearing on the ballot was read as well.

Following the forum, the public had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the candidates. Here, League member Mary Lee Guthrie discusses issues with candidates Matt Cooper and Shaun Tacke.


League members also made sure voters at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Denali Center were able to cast their ballots.

2016 Fair Booth a Success

Working for democracy, we registered 68 voters and gathered 11 Absentee Ballot appplications!!



Candidates Forum at Fair Attracts a Crowd

We sponsored a candidates forum on August 11 from 6:00 - 8:45 pm.


Candidates for House Districts 1,2,5 and 6 and candidates for Senate District B and House Districts 3 and 4 were asked a series of League-prepared questions.


The forum was webcast and recorded. Links were provided for folks who were unable to attend.


Strawpoll Results - 460 Ballots Cast 8/5/16 - 8/14/16

  Kendall 14
  Lamb 9
  Lochner 13
  Murkowski 109
REP - R    
  Heikes 4
  Tingley 9
  Wright 32
  Young 112
  Blatchford 91
  Metcalfe 145
  Stevens 26
  Hibler 24
  Hinz 23
  Lindbeck 182
  McDermott 22
  Watts 9
  Coghill 48
  Hopkins 131
  Kawasaki 43
  Thompson 20
  Holdaway 11
  Wilson 27
  Sinclair 22
  Guttenberg 108
  Lojewski 22
  Wool 78
  Smith 6
  Talerico 7
  Land 12
  Tacke 162
  Gray 83
  Borges 95
  Cooper 157
SB A    
  Strauch 80
  Bartels 125
SB C    
  Morris 45
  Rhoades 30
  McConnell 135
SB D    
  Burley 40
  Lambert 145

"Wrongful Convictions and Alaska Justice Reform"

UAF Associate Journalism Professor, Fulbright Scholar, and journalist for 30 years; Brian Patrick O'Donoghue addressed the Annual League Meeting, April 2, 2016 held at Raven Landing..

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day Program-Denali Elementary

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016,

Alaska Native Education presented a marvelous Elizabeth Peratrovich program at Denali Elementary featuring a composite video of local students reciting Ms Peratrovich's famous speech to the Alaska Territorial Legislature urging passage of the Anti-Discrimination Act in Alaska in 1944.

     ANE Coordinator Yatibaey Evans encouraged the crowd of over 100 Native families  and students to take an active role in government by informing themselves on the issues and to VOTE at each and every election.

     George Freese was the guest speaker who eloquently conveyed how his 18 years of unjust incarceration was only recently ended through the overwhelming commitment and perseverance of activist community members and legal battles waged by the Alaska Innocence Project.  In a very moving speech Mr. Freese thanked those who fought for his freedom for all those years and committed himself to continue their activism to improve representation and justice in Alaska.


Thank you to "Meet & Greet" presenters Carol Ann Varner, Emma Marcucci and Joan Soutar 

Carol Ann Varner describes the many venues for Voter Registrations Dec. 8, 2015. Thank you to IBEW for use of their conference room.
League Members Helenmarie Matesi and Clare Hill were among many League Volunteers who helped over 50 residents register to Vote, or update their Voter Registration at the 2015 Go Winter! Expo

League Volunteers Assist  25 Residents to Vote 

Past president Jennifer Schmidt coordinated assisted voting at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and the Pioneers Home.  She was  joined by Clare Hill, Ginny McDowell and Mary Lee Guthrie on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015,  for our Borough Election. Many thanks to these Volunteers in helping to ensure that all eligible voters have the opportunity to vote. Well done!

Naturalization Ceremony

Volunteer thanks

   League members volunteered at the Naturalization Ceremony, September 17, 2015,  at the Federal Building, and were thrilled to welcome 21 of our newest citizens and register 16 to vote. Thanks to Carol Ann Varner for continuing to coordinate these heartwarming events, and to Clare Hill and Sue Sheriff for volunteering their time.


Forging Alaska's

Fiscal Future Forums ~ ~~ A Huge Success!

     The Last  Forum of the 2015 five part series, "Forging Alaska's Fiscal Future" continued to impart important financial information in a very palatable format.

   Please continue your involvement in fiscal planning by contacting legislators, writing  Letters to the Editor, and opening discussions with friends and family.

     You can continue gathering fiscal information by accessing Governor Walker's proposed Sovereign Wealth Fund, Revenue and Expenditure Model  and Challenge at:


League of Women Voters Fiscal Committee Members Mary Lee Guthrie, Clare Hill, Jean James, Sue Sheriff, and Shari George worked endlessly to coordinate the OLLI class and the five evening Forums.
October 12 Final Forum presenters Joe Paskvan, Richard Fineberg, Dermot Cole and Ken Alper.
Oct. 7th Panel of Interior Representatives Adam Wool, Steve Thompson, Dave Guttenburg, fielded questions presented by Alaska Dispatch columnist Dermot Cole.
September 23, 2015 Forum Sean Holland photo, September 23 Forum with former State Senators Gary Wilken & Joe Paskvan, Randy Hoffbeck Alaska Commissioner of Revenue and League of Women Voters Tanana Valley Chapter moderator Shari George.
Mike Barnhill, Alaska Department of Administration, Sept. 16
September 16, "Forging Alaska's Fiscal Future" Sean Holland, UAF eLearning, photo of panel: City Council Member Jerry Cleworth, FNSBSD CFO Lisa Pearce, Mayor Luke Hopkins, former legislator Steve Frank

The League of Women Voters of the Tanana Valley is a nonpartisan organization whose purpose is to encourage active and informed citizen participation in government. We provide factual information on the structure and function of government, voting procedures and election issues.


We DO NOT support or oppose candidates or political parties, but DO take positions on issues which we have studied and discussed.


Our purpose is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government.


State Board Members

Alex Koplin, President

(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2024

Marianne Mills, Vice-President

(Juneau) 2024

Sandy Garrity, Secretary (Central Kenai Peninsula) 2024

Shirley Pittz, Treasurer

(Anchorage) 2025
Sue Sherif, Past President

(Tanana Valley) 2024


Judy Andree

(Juneau) 2024

Gayle Garrigues

(Tanana Valley) 2025

Shari George

(Tanana Valley) 2024

Gail Knobf

(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2025

Therese Lewandowski

(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2024

Pat Redmond

(Anchorage) 2024

Local League Presidents

Shirley Pittz

LWV of Anchorage 2024


Cathleen Rolph
Central Kenai Peninsula League of Women Voters 2024


Marna Sanford & Sue Sherif
LWV of Tanana Valley 2024


Sarah Moore

LWV of Juneau 2024

Register to Vote

If you are a U.S. citizen and you are at least 18 years old, you can vote. In most states, before you can vote you need to register. Registration must be completed 30 days before Election Day.


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