Alaska Elections Office


The Division of Elections for the State of Alaska is responsible for the planning and administration of statewide elections, as well as local and regional elections in the unorganized borough.


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Laws are passed at local, state and federal levels that affect your everyday life. Representatives rely on YOU to give them information about how these laws affect you.


How can I get involved?


Get to know the candidates in your area before they get elected.

Help a candidate you support get elected.

Stay informed about the issues.

Attend community meetings and public hearings.

Provide information to your elected officials by phoning or writing them.

Join the League of Women Voters in your area! (men are welcome to join too)


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Who can vote?

Voter Eligibility

Voters Must Be:


a United States citizen,
at least 18 years of age,
a resident of the State of Alaska for 30 days prior to the election
a resident of the election district for 30 days prior to the election, and
registered for State of Alaska elections as required.

Where do I register to vote?


You may register to vote up to 30 days before an election at the following locations:



State Election Office, 675 7th Avenue, Station H3
Division of Motor Vehicle Office, 1979 Peger Road
Borough Clerk, 809 Pioneer Road
City Clerk,
Military Offices on Military Installations
Any local displaying the blue and gold Voter Registration poster

Register online by clicking the link below:
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Where do I vote?


After you have registered, you will receive a card in the mail showing the precinct in which you will vote. A list of voting precincts and their locations are published in the local newspapers shortly before an election. You may also call the:


Election Supervisors office (907) 451-2835 for a State election, or for municipal elections

the Borough Clerk's office (907) 459-1401

Fairbanks City Clerk (907) 459-6772
North Pole City Clerk (907) 488-2281

Can registration be cancelled?


Registration will be cancelled by:


Registering in another state.
Voluntary cancellation.
Failure to vote in a state or local election for at least two consecutive years.

What if I'm not in town to vote?

Qualified voters who will be absent on election day or who will be unable to be present at the polls because of physical disability or illness may vote an absentee ballot.


Information and materials for Absentee Voting in State and Federal elections are available at:


Elections Office
675 7th Avenue, State Building Station H3


Phone: (907) 451-2835



For municipal elections

Borough Clerk's office (907) 459-1401
Fairbanks City Clerk (907) 459-6772
North Pole City Clerk (907) 488-2281

You may vote an absentee ballow in person starting 15 days prior to an election at specified locations.


If you are unable to vote at your polling place for health reasons, you may appoint a personal representative to assist you.

When are elections held?



Primary: the 3rd Tuesday in August in even numbered years.

General: The Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November of even numbered years.


Special Elections: May be held on a date called by a proclamation of the Governor for purposes of filling vacancies in the U.S. Congress or State Legislature, voting on initiatives, referendums or constitutional amendments.



(Fairbanks North Star Borough, City of Fairbanks, and City of North Pole)

Regular: First Tuesday after first Monday in October

Special: On the date called by the Assembly

Polling hours 7 am to 8 pm

Want to really get someone's attention? Write a letter.

When you write a letter, make it clear, brief and to the point. Address your letter as follows:


The Honorable [Name]
Salutation: Dear [Title and Last Name]:

State Board Members

Judy Andree, President
(Juneau) 2022

Shari George, Vice-President
(Tanana Valley) 2022

Sandy Garity, Secretary
(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2022

Shirley Pittz, Treasurer
(Anchorage) 2023
Pat Redmond, Past-President
(Anchorage) 2022


Carol Dickason

(Anchorage) 2022

Gayle Garrigues

(Tanana Valley) 2023

Carrie Henson 

(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2022

Marianne Mills

(Juneau) 2022

Cathleen Rolph

(Central Kenai Peninsula) 2023

Sue Sherif

(Tanana Valley) 2022

Local League Presidents

Shirley Pittz

(President, - LWV of Anchorage) 2022

Carrie Henson
(President, Central Kenai Peninsula League of Women Voters) 2022

Sue Sherif
(President, LWV of Tanana Valley) 2022

Kirsa Hughes-Skandjis

(President LWV of Juneau) 2022

Register to Vote

If you are a U.S. citizen and you are at least 18 years old, you can vote. In most states, before you can vote you need to register. Registration must be completed 30 days before Election Day.


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Register to Vote now! Make sure you fill out the form completely; then print, sign, and mail it to the address given.

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